Thursday, March 21, 2013


I was a little fearful at first. What'll be the party theme? Who and how many kids do we invite? Waiting for the RSVP's. Will lunch be served? What will keep the kids interested? The timing of everything...AAHHH!!

Creating a party from scratch and making it successful seemed quite the impossible task. But, when your kid looks at you and says, "I'm so excited about my birthday party!" How could I disappoint. 

So I rolled up my sleeves and started planning.

My job was to make sure that everything was DONE before hand. I was relieved once the party started, cause it practically ran itself. I did want to mention, that my family and friends jumped right in and saved the day. I was never alone and we all made sure the kids were happy and under control. 

Instead of including a slew of step by step instructions, here are just a few fun highlights: 

Two things that I would like to expand on: 

Custom Made Banner
A few days before the party, I had his "before school care" sign the banner. A day before the party, his teacher and his classmates signed it. It doesn't stop there! The banner greeted the invitees at the front desk before they entered the Karate school on party day.

Before bedtime, the banner was hung on his ceiling. I envisioned he fell asleep reminiscing fondly on all that happened.

Custom Made Belt Display
Well, if karate is his destiny...I hope he'll know that his belt display is not only a relic of his achievements but hopefully a reminder that I got his back. I will help him get there. Wherever his dreams may take him.

He IS one good kid.


I am SO proud of him.

Note: Check with the owner of the Karate school and see if it is o.k. to mix different cultures. Most of the popular party supplies are of Chinese New Year. So if your son or daughter is practicing a Korean Martial Arts Form...well its just better to ask. Have fun planning!

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